Monday - apartmentlove -

Starting this monday with this amazing apartment that
 I have admired for several times yesterday in the evening!

I was attracted immediately by the stunning combination of  
the stylish interior ( a mix of vintage and design) and
 the amazing and very inspiring artwork of Emma Bernhard on the walls.
I really like her work and hope to admire it very soon when in Stockholm.

Its just perfect in all it's simplicity... and perfect for my monday mood
Have a wonderful new week! 


  1. Wat een mooie plek en wat fijn dat je weer naar Stockholm gaat. Fijn vooruitzicht om de week mee te beginnen.

    1. Zeker een fijn vooruitzicht... Maar het duurt nog even ;-)

  2. The house look so so simple and modern. I love it and just stunning it. Thank my friend

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