vintage and design

just admired this beautiful old house (1905) in Denmark  
Love the fresh and bright look and the beautiful inviting spaces
created by the stunning mix of vintage finds, colourful modern art, 
classic and Danish design and the 
mix of  natural non-colours and materials

see more here and have a great day! 
                                                                                                                                                found via ems with thanks!


summer in my bedroom

really enjoyed these last few sunny days 
so happy that Summer finaly has arrived in the Netherlands!
this weekend we visited a great outdoor festival (concert at sea) at the Dutch coast
and more beautiful weather has been announced  for this week 
I'm almost starting my summerbreak so these sunbeams are more than welcome!

it will be great to live the outside life as much as possible
 but I also love to create a fresh summer atmosphere in my bedroom
a few weeks ago I welcomed the beautiful purety bedlinen of Crisp Sheets
and it inspired me to create a new all-white look in my bedroom...

today some snapshots!

ps. you can find all about the purety bedding designed by Crisp Sheets here



love this amazing bright workspace
beautiful simplicity in white
 supplemented with
natural tones, pastel shades
a touch of wood
and just some tasteful accessories 

once again... I'm inspired by the stylist team of Fantastic Frank
see more of this place here


stylish storage

Extra storage always seems to be needed and from the moment
 that I saw these stylish photos, made by Kristoffer Johnsson
I keep thinking about the possible places in my house
 where I could put all these great produks the best. 

 love the creative ideas and stylingwork by Lotta Agaton 
for the new storage campain for H&M home 
see more here



 I really don't know which room I prefer...

In this stylish loftapartment I found everything that I could possibly like
the high wooden beamed ceilings, the fireplace, 
the black tipped parquet, the serene light,  the furniture, 
 the stunning contrast of black and white in combination with
 the grey shades and ofcourse the stunning loft with all its great possibilities
there are so much details to admire...

Starting this Monday with this inspiring and perfect apartment for sale
see more at Alvhem here and have a great new week!


my week in hashtags

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serve & store

my love for different kind of ceramics is still very strong
last week when I received the latest issue of the ELLE decoration.nl
my attention was instantly drawn when I saw the inspiring portret of Dutch
 philosopher, writer and designer Merel Kamp.

Merel was nominated for the Rijksstudio Award 2014, hosted by the Rijksmuseum
with the design of her Lamp Pouring Light (photo 3),  inspired by "het Melkmeisje",
the Milkmaids jug,  the famous painting of Dutch painter Vermeer 

Beside the beautiful lamp I was also attracted 
by her beautiful "Serve & Store" tableware collection
I really love the sober and matte design of this a great mix of 
plates and bowles in different shapes and sizes.
The tableware collection is designed to reduce the use of 
plastic film in the household,  each part of the set can be closed
 with another part of the set so there will be no plastic waste. 

see and read more about the work of Merel Kamp here or here

ps. unfortunately the tableware is not yet widely available. For a long time Merel has produced the collection
 by herself but now she is looking for a producer. Ofcourse you can always send a mail to Merel
 if you are interested in her work or if you would like to order something

                                                                                                      photos by Merel Kamp with thanks! 

  www.studiomerelkan.com/www. potaatoo.com